Before Collective ever launched, we were meeting in weekly small groups and serving in Frederick. What started as a few families being in community and loving their city has grown into multiple groups that meet in/around the city and a team of people on mission to be "a church for the rest of us."

Our Vision

Collective Church's vision is to be a "church for the rest of us." This means that if you have never been to church, walked away from church a long time ago, or moved to Frederick and haven't connected to a church - we are the church for you.

Our Name

When thinking about a name that would fit the type of church plant we hope to be as well as the city of Frederick, we knew that Collective was the perfect fit.

A "Collective" is a group of people that come together to become one.

Collective will be a group of people that come together to become the church. We won’t all look the same, think the same, sound the same, or be the same, but together we will be one group of people. One church.